Tuesday, March 29, 2011


"A good number of people believe dark roast coffees are stronger and have more caffeine than light roast coffees because they have been roasted for a longer time and have a fuller flavor. But in reality, most light roasts have more caffeine than their darker roast counterparts because the roasting process is shorter and they do not burn off the caffeine as a result. Comparing a dark versus light roast pound for pound without adding any extra beans to make up for the weight loss of the dark roast, then the lighter roast will have more caffeine overall.  The strength of brewed coffee is incorrectly determined by roast color, but is in fact determined by the ratio of ground coffee used in proportion to water. But when it comes to taste, the proportion of coffee to water becomes critical. To have that perfect cup, consider the following ratio for brewing coffee, 4 oz of coffee to 60 oz of brewed hot water. This rule will work great for lighter roasts, but for darker roasts you may need to use slightly less coffee to compensate for the more prominent flavors generated by a darker roast to satisfy your customer’s preferences."   Dora Jaramillo,  Quality Assurance Manager

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