Sunday, March 13, 2011


Here's whats "going on" (CandyMan) Going into our 3rd week of business, we are very excited about how everyday more and more people come in and buy more and more product! THANK YOU. We understand that it is very difficult to change people's routines and attitudes and would like everyone to know that we appreciate the opportunity to serve your business. The people of Seattle and surrounding areas have been MORE than gracious and patient with our learning process. We are very excited and honored to be able to provide you with least expensive vending products in the Northwest. And you guys have shown us your gratitude...again THANK YOU!! anyway here are a few other things going on that we are excited about. We are in the process of becoming Ever pure filter distributors and like our other products we WILL BE the place to purchase these guys at the most affordable price in the Northwest vending industry. We are also working on becoming a Purlogix water cooler distributor. Look for both of these products in our catalog or better yet give us a call and talk to me about your OCS needs. I wanted to let all of our OCS customers know that we are quickly gearing up to becoming your "one stop shop" when it comes to everything OCS! We are adding products weekly and assume this will be the case for a few months to come. Give me a call with any product suggestions or regrets that you may have on products purchased in the past.

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