Thursday, August 18, 2011

NAVA 2011

Thursday August 18, 2011. Annual Nava convention. Due to an overly scheduled workday (let alone lives) Shara and I have just arrived at the always beautiful Ska mania Lodge where this years annual meeting is being held. 9:30 pm. Shara has quickly pulled out the school books and is digging in to get some homework done and I am trying to stay awake by blogging!! Unfortunately we missed today's Coffee class hosted by Gavina Coffee (great company, GREAT coffee) and the reception held afterward. No worries we have 2 more days of fun, informative, action packed events headed our way! I promised my friends in Seattle that could not attend this year, that I would post a little something for their reading pleasure each night of the event. So there ya go peoples!! I will check in with you tomorrow.

Let's Succeed Together

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