Wednesday, May 4, 2011


The events of Sunday May 1 leave me with a feeling of mixed emotions. When I was 18 I joined the Military because I still had no idea of what I wanted to be when I grew up. Shortly after entering the US Army I became aware of a deep sense of Honor and dedication in myself that I was un aware was in me. For permanent duty I was assigned to 1 of 2 Apache attack helicopter brigades which were formed to travel around the world and demonstrate to our allies the significant roll these helicopters could play in their countries efforts to provide freedom to their respective peoples. In the course of doing this, we(5/6 Cav) were involved in a number of "conflicts" that were not widely published in the media or information networks. I met a lot of different citizens from a lot of different countries and became aware of several different ways of thinking as well as different opinions on the world and it's politics. The "ending" of Usama Bin Ladens life was a great and costly accomplishment for every citizen of the world, I don't however feel that it is an opportunity for all of us to "rejoice". It's a terribly sad thing (to me) to have to kill somebody and comes with grave consequences for the individuals that had to take on that mission as well as to their families and friends. Terrorism will always be around and it is up to every responsible citizen in the world to be vigilante in their efforts to thwart any such operations as to cause harm to any of us. To many of us take our freedoms and ways of life for granted. Their are so many Mothers, Fathers, Sons and Daughters fighting for and dying everyday so that we may continue to enjoy these freedoms. Please don't forget this. These "Heroes" deserve all of the help and support we can provide. Just because 1 man has fallen doesn't mean the campaign will end. God Bless America and all of it's sons and daughters.

     Curt Wokal
American Citizen

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