Friday, May 13, 2011


 Vend X intends to create efficiencies by reducing the number of transactions necessary  for goods to flow from many different manufacturers to large numbers of customers. This is a proven method of increasing profitability. This is typically done in two ways. The first is called “breaking bulk”. Wholesalers and retailers purchase large quantities of goods from manufacturers but sell only one or a few at a time to many different customers.
 Second, channel intermediaries reduce the number of transactions by creating assortments—providing a variety of products in one location—so that customers can conveniently buy many different items from one seller at one time.
 To balance customers' demands with the need for profitable growth, Vend X has moved aggressively to improve supply chain management.
 We are telling you this (and our competitors) because we believe that it is truly time for a change from the “status quo”  in the industry, to a more profitable partnership oriented  way of thinking and doing business. If one has the ability, we all have the ability and we all shall reap the rewards.  What good is a distributor if you rely solely on one or even two customers to move your wares?  That’s not a “free” market environment?
 Rejecting the traditional view of a company and it’s component parts as distinct  functional entities, we realize that the real measure of success is how well activities coordinate across the supply chain to create value for our customers, all the while increasing the profitability of every link in the chain. In the process, we intend to redefine the competitive game between all the distributors in our industry.
 By determining what customers want and how to coordinate efforts across the supply chain to meet those requirements faster, cheaper, and better, Vend X will  enhance both customer satisfaction as well as the financial performance of said customers.  Making  all aspects of the chain more profitable from our suppliers’ supplier to our customers’  customer.
 We are ready and willing to do our part in achieving the goal of reducing costs across the supply chain in order to lower prices in the marketplace and enhance margins.
 The best prescription for ensuring  success and minimizing resistance is extensive, visible participation and communication.
 Shara and I both agree that our success in this venture is solely in you, our customers’ hands.   We whole heartedly promise to walk, talk and work with you and our suppliers  through every aspect of the journey to ensure that we all will gain and share in increased profitability and all around healthier businesses!!!

Have a GREAT weekend Peeps !!!!!!!

Let’s Succeed Together

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