Wednesday, August 31, 2011


  Have you ever been "un comfortable" with a decision? Ever wonder if the choice you are making is the right one? Ever had somebody look at you funny when you are telling them your thoughts, Ideas? If you answered yes to all of these or even some of these questions I would be willing to bet that you have what it takes to be a pioneer in your industry or at least are a "forward thinking" individual. If you can speak your mind and are confident about doing so, then I would also say that perhaps you already are "standing out in a crowd".
 The "status quo" is not enough anymore, look at the economy, the un employment rate, the housing market..... all of these areas "rested" on the "status quo" for waaaaay to long and look where it got us. To many of us (me included) tend to trust that things will take care of themselves or at least stay the same......NOT !
  I would be "treading water" if left to my own will or my own way of thinking just because, I like many of my fellow Human Beings am some what complacent or comfortable with my life and the way of doing things. Fortunately I have a Best Friend and Partner in life that is an "A" personality and only ever expects that what we get out of life is never greater than the effort that we put into it. Now I'm not saying that I'm a total slacker but I do tend to be "distracted" or "comfortable".
  I guess my point to this Blog Post is to get us all thinking about how incredible things would be if everyone had the mind set that he or she were the only ones that were in command of there well being.
 If you want something..... MAKE IT HAPPEN !! Don't let other peoples thoughts or business control you and yours. Expect the unexpected, make the impossible possible, have a "can do attitude".
  If you think you can, then you can and if not, I am sure that you have people in your network that would be more than willing to help you succeed. These people are an essential piece to your success, use them! Never under estimate the tools that you have at your disposal even if you don't think you have any "tools" trust me you do, we all do. The difference is attitude. To quote one of my favorite television personalities, Tim Gunn " Make it Work" !!!

Let's Succeed Together


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